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Welcome to our Caritas page.

To join the Workshop for the Word and the Common Good please acmes the link here

The launch of the Caritas project by Bishop Patrick took place at the Pentecost Vigil Liturgy on 22 May. Following on from this there are now a number of resources available;

  • A 10-minute Youtube interview in which Paul Bodenham discusses the work of Caritas with Madeleine Strezynski, our new diocesan director of communications.
  • A 15-page prospectus highlighting the work of Caritas planned up to 2024, which explains the six ‘ministries’ through which Caritas can support parish initiatives.
  • A listening campaign, Lend an Ear, which, together with the online survey launched in April, will help us address the needs and opportunities created by the pandemic
  • A network of Friends in Caritas through which volunteers in our parishes can find advice and support for new outreach projects.Renew the face of the Earth: Following the Pastoral Letter for Pentecost, of the CBCEW, Caritas is organising a workshop to help parishes respond to the pressing ecological challenges it raises.  The workshop will introduce an emerging diocesan plan enabling us to reduce carbon emissions from all our operations to ‘net zero’, in parishes as well as the central curial administration.Caritas Diocese of Nottingham – environment workshop: At Pentecost, we heard the Pastoral Letter of the CBCEW, about the urgent need for us all to protect and care for God’s gift of Creation.  Our new diocesan Caritas network, also launched this weekend, is hosting a workshop ‘Renewing the face of the Earth’. It is online and will help us explore the many ways in which we can respond, as individuals, as parishes and as a diocese:  Tuesday 8 June, 7.00 – 8.30 p.m.  Please Register at:





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